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Why get photovoltaics from us

Photovoltaics (PV) is a very promising technology and will play an increasingly important role in sources of energy for countries. In Europe, the PV peak electricity price should become competitive by 2020. While photovoltaic electricity prices will continue to decline, the price of electricity produced by conventional means will increase on a price curve due to limited resources.

  • Grid-independent system
  • The price of traditionally produced electricity will steadily rise.
  • The operation is almost maintenance free.
  • Photovoltaic systems are safe and highly reliable.

Our products

  • a complete functional set of PV power plants including delivery and recovery key
  • the SOLAR KIT price includes transport and installation (on all types of conventional roofs)
  • favourable finance options up to 100% of the purchase price
  • very fast return on investment
  • the system is modular and can be expanded at any time (e.g. by more panels)
  • SOLAR KIT can be adapted to specific needs

A solar PV system for generating its own electricity without using the surplus for heat accumulation.

from EUR 2,405
monthly instalment from EUR 21

FAQ - Questions and answers

  • Who can benefit from a photovoltaic power plant?
        • Anyone who wants to permanently reduce their household's energy use. The sun as an energy source is inexhaustible and free.
        • Anyone who wants to reduce their dependence on a distribution network. The photovoltaic power plant is suitable for houses of all categories and sizes.
        • Anyone who wants to have a clean, emission-free source of electricity in their home. We are not indifferent to the air we and our children breathe.
        • Anyone who consumes more electricity during the day. A household type photovoltaic power plant is ideal to combine with a swimming pool, electric heating, air conditioning, or heating water for a house heating system.
  • Does the photovoltaic power plant operate only in the summer or throughout the whole year? What is the difference in performance of a solar power plant in summer and winter?
    • The big advantage is that the photovoltaic power plant operates all year round because it works with sunlight, not heat. In winter, the performance of the photovoltaic power plant is usually lower than during summer months. At the same time, in cooler and clearer weather its performance parameters may be better than on very hot days in summer, which cause losses.

  • I would like to use financing to purchase the PV power plant. Is it possible?
    • Yes, we also offer a loan with favourable conditions to finance up to 100% of the purchase price. 

  • Can the PV power plant be connected to the grid without the consent of the Distribution System Operator (DSO)?
    • Yes, it can, subject to two conditions. The first condition, referred to as the "Simplified Connection" is subject to issue of a report by an authorized person, providing proof that the network in a given location meets the technical requirements of the DSO (the limit values of the network impedance correspond to the values stipulated in a relevant decree). The second condition is that the power plant connected in this mode will not supply electricity to the Distribution System. A fine will be imposed for any surplus power from the PV power plant fed into the DS. One of the ways to prevent the surplus being fed into the DS is to install a device to preventing this from happening (e.g. a Watt router, or installing an inverter equipped with means to prevent the surplus being fed into the DS)

  • Where is the best place to install photovoltaic panels?
    • Any place exposed to sunshine and without shade. If a shadow from a chimney or a tree falls across one of the panels, power production is decreased in all panels because they are connected in series. A south facing arrangement is always the best. If you need to decide between the SE and SW, SE is always the better option because it is cooler in the morning and the sky is usually clear. In summer, clouds begin to form around midday and SW facing is therefore less suitable. Heat is harmful to photovoltaic panels. The performance parameters of panels in winter at -30 °C on a sunny day may be higher than on a hot summer’s day. Nevertheless, they work all year round, which is their definite advantage. The panels do not have to be mounted on a roof.

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